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Phi Phi Beaches

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  • Phi Phi Islands' Beaches

    Loh Dalum, Tonsai Village and Maya Bay

    The Phi Phi group of islands is the ultimate destination for beach lovers in southern Thailand. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the beaches of Phi Phi all share white powdery sand, crystal-clear water, and coconut trees that give them a picturesque touch. Wannabe explorers and adventurers can spend days hopping from one beach to the other, soaking up the sun in this relaxing environment.

    From Tonsai Village and beach (the centre of all the action in Phi Phi) to the splendid bay of Loh Dalum; the remote Laem Thong Beach to the stunning and world-renowned Maya Bay, along with the many beaches and bays scattered along the coast of the two main islands of the group (Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh), get ready to have sand between your toes while sipping a fresh drink, lazing on the shore, watching the colours of the sea changing throughout the day.

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    Guest Rating From
    1. Zeavola Resort 4.5/ 5
    2. Villa 360 4.0/ 5
    3. Phi Phi The Beach Resort 3.8/ 5
    4. PP Charlie Beach Resort 2.8/ 5
    5. Phi Phi Arboreal Resort 3.2/ 5
    6. PP Princess Resort 3.3/ 5
    7. P. P. Erawan Palms Resort 4.1/ 5

Other Beaches & Bays in Phi Phi

Loh Bagao Bay


A beautiful tranquil bay half way up the east coast of Phi Phi Don, one of Phi Phi's larger beaches at 800m long, the best coral is at the south end. The bay is occupied by Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort.

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Located just outside Loh Dalum Bay to the west, Monkey Bay is a deserted tranquil beach with good coral. Some daytrips stop here to see the monkeys, watch out - they can be very cheeky. Read More...

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Monkey Beach is located on the west side of Tonsai Bay about 700m from the beach. At very high tide there's not much beach but at other times there's plenty of sand. The monkeys here eat offered fruit. Read More...

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Moo Dee Bay (Loh Moo Dee in Thai) hosts a 500m-long white sand beach bordered by emerald waters. Situated on the east coast of Koh Phi Phi Don, it is the perfect escape from the crowd (at least until lunch time), Moo Dee Beach can be reached on foot from Tonsai East along a 1km path starting behind Bay View Resort; and from the path starting at the bottom of Phi Phi Viewpoint. A less tiring way to get there is to hire a long-tail boat near Tonsai jetty, which will take you to Moo Dee in about 20mn for a fee of 150/200 baht (you must test your bargaining skill). Read More...

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Other east coast beaches


Koh Phi Phi Don eastern coast was, until recently, rather undeveloped – apart from its northern part which hosts world-class resorts such as Holiday Inn Phi Phi at Laem Thong and Outrigger Phi Phi at Loh Ba Kao. It is a fact that the rather small beaches along Phi Phi east coast are not exactly suitable for heavy construction as there is no road that leads to them and the coastline is mostly made of an almost vertical cliff falling straight into the sea.

Anyway, some entrepreneurs went over the technical difficulties, and Moo Dee Bay, as well as a few others (Phak Nam Bay and Rantee Bay), have seen the establishment of restaurants and small bungalow resorts since 2010. They can be reached by long-tail boat from Tonsai Village in about 30 minutes, and offer excellent opportunities for snorkelling and relaxing in the wild. The fittest visitors can also try to get there by trekking through the jungle with a guide.


Pi Leh is a long thin bay with 100m high cliffs on all sides, at the entrance there's a shelf, the top of which is too shallow for anything other than speedboat or longtail, this stops it from getting too busy. Read More...

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