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Laem Tong

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  • Laem Tong Beach

    Everything you need to know about Laem Tong Beach


    Laem Tong Beach is a magical place in northern Phi Phi that is ideal for a relaxing and quiet holiday. The only access to the main part of Phi Phi is by boat and this means that you have almost total seclusion there. The atmosphere is quite the opposite of Tonsai Village, as here you'll hardly leave your hotel.

    Right in front of the beach, although too far to swim to, are Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island and Hin Klang, three of the best spots for snorkeling and diving in Phi Phi. In the distance you can see Railay Beach and Koh Lanta.

    The seafloor is a uniform depth for at least a hundred metres out until the coral begins, shortly after that is the drop off, a large colourful reef that descends to the depths.

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  • Laem Tong Beach Facilities

    Toilets can be found behind the pool at Holiday Inn Phi Phi Resort. There aren't any beach chairs or sun loungers for rent however the hotels have them for their guests. Hammocks can be found under the shade of coconut palms.

    In middle of the beach a fair way out to sea is an anchored raft that's perfect for sunbathing.

    Laem Tong Beach Restaurants

    Sawasdee Restaurant

    Sawasdee Restaurant is on Laem Thong Beach, an almost stereotyped tropical beach with turquoise waters, bright white sand and gently wafting palms. Go up a short set of stairs and you’re instantly in a large, open-sided, wooden floor restaurant which is frequented by day tour groups, but to the left you’ll see a separate area where you can enjoy a good meal. Beach breezes waft by and from outside you’ll hear gentle live music sang by a musician who runs through a list of popular oldies but goldies. It’s relaxed, civil and a tranquil option to dining in the five-star hotel restaurants along this beach.

    Jasmin Laem Thong

    Seafood prepared by genuine Sea Gypsies sounds a fanciful notion but it’s one that actually happens at Laem Thong Beach in northeastern Phi Phi Island. Beachside, and set in the Sea Gypsy village between several five-star hotels, Jasmin is immensely popular with visitors because of its simple setup, fresh seafood and – most of all – because its prices are a fraction of what the surrounding hotels charge.

    Take in the views of the sea and neighbouring Mosquito Island while sipping a cold beer and take your time here; no one is in a hurry in a restaurant as relaxed as Jasmin. Serving catch of the day seafood, typical Thai dishes (think fried rice and chicken, phad thai etc), all genuinely spicy, this is the real stuff, there’s no doubt about it.

    • Location: Right on the beach at Laem Tong Sea Gipsy village, next to Sawasdee Restaurant
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    Laem Tong Beach Activities

    Laem Tong Beach is a serene spot; however there are some activities to get the pulse going. The warm flat water and consistent wind is excellent for windsurfing, and equipment can be hired at the hotels.

    Swim out to the drop off and you'll find excellent snorkeling. At the north end of the beach you don't have to swim so far to see the coral in front of Phi Phi Natural Resort. Longtails can take you out to see Bamboo or Mosquito Island, the beaches are stunning and the snorkeling amazing, just remember to arrange a time to be picked up!

    For those interested in diving there are at least two dive centres that offer dive courses and can handle all your dive-related requirements.

    As the sun drops you might find some of the locals, hotel staff members and guests playing football or volleyball on the beach; feel free to join in. 

    Getting to Laem Tong Beach

    Longtail boats to/from Tonsai Village (more expensive at night). There are several ferries a day to Tonsai Village. It takes about an hour.

    Laem Tong Beach After Dark

    The Holiday Inn's Sunset Satay Bar is really something, and only a 10 minutes stroll up a hill from the beach. The walkway is well made and well lit for the way back down. It's a bit like a pub's beer garden (only more expensive) with a spectacular view to the west.

    Jasmin BBQ Restaurant has the most life on this quiet beach – the beach shack is brimming with atmosphere.

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