Long Beach

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Beach Eats

Long Beach has about six different resorts which makes six different restaurants to choose from. Towards the southern end of the beach, Phi Phi The Beach Resort has the most upmarket dining which is poolside, and you may see a few daytrippers from Phuket here. Dishes are standard Thai and international.

Judging by the volume of diners, and the prices, Phi Phi Long Beach in the middle of the beach is doing something right. Their large restaurant offers mainly Thai & seafood choices.

Facilities on Long Beach

On the beach itself there are no sun loungers for rent, only deck chairs which cost very little.

Toilets can be found in the resorts but since there aren't really any daytrippers finding a toilet isn't an issue.

Just a few steps from the sand at Phi Phi Longbeach (resort) you can find internet access. A couple of minimarts also sell basic needs.

Long Beach Snorkeling

The snorkeling from Long Beach is possibly the best direct from the beach in Phi Phi. You don't have to go very far to see colourful fish in their underwater habitat. Additionally, around 200m from the beach there's a rock that just breaks the surface called Shark Point – and no prizes for guessing why.

Here you'll find black tip reef sharks from 40cm to 1.2m swimming around the reef. During the day when there are lots of boats around they're hard to find but before 09:00 and after 17:00 they're easily spotted.

The swells from May to October can make Shark Point dangerous so you should only go there on very calm days. All year round you should be vigilant as currents can be strong, especially at midtide. Novice snorkelers would be better to go with organised tours.

Snorkeling equipment can be rented easily from the beach, a mask and snorkel costs 50 baht and fins cost 50 baht, prices are per day.

Long Beach Activities

Kayaking is a popular pastime; there are several small beaches to explore towards Tonsai Village. A little further away is Ao Poh, a small beach with excellent snorkeling behind Long Beach facing east.

Behind Long Island Divers there's a small track that takes you to Loh Moodee Beach and Ao Poh in around 12 minutes, these beaches are very quiet and tranquil. When the sea is too rough to snorkel at Long Beach you can be sure that flat seas await over the hill.

Thai massage, and many other types too, are available in small salas (open sided rooms) all along Long Beach, prices are around 300-400 baht and hour.

A couple of volleyball nets are set up, and often a game gets going as the sun starts to fall.

After Dark

As the sun drops, the beach bar by the pool at Phi Phi The Beach Resort gets busy for sunset cocktails.
The restaurants get busy 19:00 – 21:00 and then peters out. Cards and backgammon are the main pastimes in the evenings.

Long Beach Bar is the focal point for those who want to socialise but don't want to go into Tonsai Village. The bar is made from the front of a longtail boat that's been intricately decorated. Every night at 21:00 there's a fire show. 

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