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Where to Stay in Phi Phi Island

Find out where the real bargains are on Phi Phi by browsing through our hotels by price listings. For such a relatively small area Phi Phi has a large amout of accommodation to choose from. But do not make the mistake of simply boarding a ferry and turning up there in search of accommodation. It's highly recommended to book beforehand.

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Rantee View Bungalow   Rantee Bay 850 THB
  Dee Dee Beach House   Ao Lo Dalam 1105 THB
  Hussin House   Ton Sai Bay 1274 THB
  Phi Phi Sand Sea House   Ao Lo Dalam 1274 THB
  PongPan Guest House Phi Phi   Ao Lo Dalam 2124 THB
  Chongkhao Resort   Ton Sai Bay 2379 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Coco Guesthouse   Ao Lo Dalam 425 THB
  Phi Phi Twin Palms Bungalow   Ao Lo Dalam 680 THB
  Uphill Cottage   Ao Lo Dalam 680 THB
  Phi Phi Hill Bamboo Bungalow   Ao Lo Dalam 850 THB
  Phutawan Bamboo Resort   Ao Lo Dalam 850 THB
  Pak Klong Sea Side   Ao Lo Dalam 1105 THB
  Phi Phi Beach Front   Ao Lo Dalam 1274 THB
  Tohko Beach Resort   Rantee Bay 1274 THB
  Phi Phi Rimlay Cottage   Ton Sai Bay 1317 THB
  Phi Phi Inn   Ton Sai Bay 1402 THB
  Phi Phi Good View Resort   Ao Lo Dalam 1444 THB
  Phi Phi Garden View Resort   Ao Lo Dalam 1699 THB
  IVORY Phi Phi Island   Ton Sai Bay 1742 THB
  Phi Phi Nice Beach 2   Ton Sai Bay 1784 THB
  Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort   Phak Nam Bay 1784 THB
  Bamboo Mountain View Phi Phi Resort   Ao Lo Dalam 1869 THB
  Maney Resort Phi Phi   Ao Lo Dalam 1869 THB
  JJ Bungalow   Ao Lo Dalam 1895 THB
  Phi Phi Maiyada Resort   Ton Sai Bay 2052 THB
  Phi Phi Anita Resort   Ao Lo Dalam 2124 THB
  Phuttachot Resort Phi Phi   Ao Lo Dalam 2124 THB
  Chunut House Resort   Ton Sai Bay 2464 THB
  The Beacha Club   Ao Lo Dalam 2804 THB
  Phi Phi Ba Kao Bay Resort   Loh Ba Gao 2974 THB
  PP Blue Sky Resort   Long Beach 3144 THB
  Sunwaree Phi Phi Resort   Hin Poo Bay 3144 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Ibiza House Phi Phi   Ao Lo Dalam 680 THB
  Kinnaree House   Ao Lo Dalam 1359 THB
  PP Ingphu Viewpoint   Ao Lo Dalam 1529 THB
  Gypsy Sea View Resort   Ton Sai Bay 1869 THB
  Phi Phi Andaman Legacy Resort   Ton Sai Bay 1954 THB
  Phi Phi Chang Grand Resort   Ao Lo Dalam 2124 THB
  PP Charlie Beach Resort   Ao Lo Dalam 2124 THB
  Ton Sai Place   Ton Sai Bay 2124 THB
  Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort   Ton Sai Bay 2167 THB
  JJ Residence   Ton Sai Bay 2311 THB
  Phi Phi View Point Resort   Ao Lo Dalam 2549 THB
  Phi Phi Andaman Resort   Ton Sai Bay 2634 THB
  Phi Phi Arboreal Resort   Ao Lo Dalam 2634 THB
  PP Casita   Ao Lo Dalam 2634 THB
  Phi Phi Hotel   Ton Sai Bay 2676 THB
  Phi Phi Villa Resort   Ton Sai Bay 2974 THB
  Andaman Beach Resort   Ton Sai Bay 3186 THB
  Phi Phi Sea Sky Resort   Hin Poo Bay 3398 THB
  Phi Phi Rantee Cliff   Rantee Bay 3823 THB
  Phi Phi Banyan Villa   Ton Sai Bay 3908 THB
  Phi Phi Natural Resort   Laem Tong Beach 3908 THB
  Phi Phi The Beach Resort   Long Beach 4078 THB
  Bay View Resort   Ton Sai Bay 4163 THB
  PP Palmtree Resort   Ton Sai Bay 4333 THB
  PP Erawan Palms Resort   Laem Tong Beach 4418 THB
  Arayaburi Resort   Ton Sai Bay 5607 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Phuphaya Seaview Resort   Hin Poo Bay 765 THB
  PP Princess Resort   Ao Lo Dalam 4673 THB
  Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel   Ton Sai Bay 4799 THB
  Villa 360   Loh Ba Gao 5565 THB
  Outrigger Phi Phi Island Resort & Spa   Loh Ba Gao 8077 THB
  Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island   Laem Tong Beach 10450 THB


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Zeavola   Laem Tong Beach 15973 THB

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