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Loh Dalum is breathtakingly beautiful – almost totally enclosed, it has very shallow water that gets warmed by the sun to almost the temperature of a warm bath! Loh Dalum has silky soft white sand and turquoise water with a chorus of birdsong – and all year round there are no waves. You can walk out hundreds of metres and still be only waist-deep in water; this beach was made for basking in the sun. At low tide you have to walk a little further to the water's edge.

A large Ton Sai (Banyan) tree marks one end of the path between Loh Dalum Bay and Tonsai Bay at the narrowest part of the isthmus. Tonsai Village lies between the two beaches and is a very short walk from Loh Dalum Beach.

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Facilities on Loh Dalum Beach

The beach is lined with deckchairs for rent. For those who like swimming pools or just want to be different, in the middle of the beach is Phi Phi Princess Hotel which has an infinity edge pool that's raised up from the beach giving spectacular views of the bay and its surrounds.

Toilets can be found at the back of the restaurant that features the giant white canopy shades (it doesn't seem to have a name), five-to-ten baht is the expected 'donation'. Close to Ciao Bella is Palm Minimart that sells suncream, drinks, ice cream, postcards and all manner of beachy stuff.

Where to Stay in Loh Dalum

Phi Phi Cabana is one of the best hotels in Phi Phi, it lies towards the west end of the beach with excellent facilities including direct beach access to both beaches.

Phi Phi Casita is a smart modern resort a little back from the beach towards the east end of the beach.

Phi Phi Viewpoint Resort sits right at the east and of Loh Dalum Bay with spectacular views across the bay. Accommodation comprises of various sized bungalows. The pool area also has excellent views, this resort is very popular.

Beach Eats

Strung out along the top of the beach are several restaurants. Ciao Bella serves Italian dishes to an appreciative crowd, it also has a beach bar that serves cocktails and plays chilled-out tunes. Phi Phi Princess Restaurant is beachside and serves the many daytrippers by way of a buffet.

Alternatively, there are many cheap Thai food stalls parallel to the path between Tonsai and Loh Dalum Beaches. Here, you'll find some of the best food on Phi Phi but you have to experiment. There may not be a menu so just sit down, smile and point or let the proprietor 'suggest' some dishes. These places may look a little scruffy round the edges but Thais are extremely hygienic people by nature so there's nothing to worry about. Read more about Loh Dalum Restaurants...

Watersports in Loh Dalum Bay

Thankfully, Loh Dalum Bay doesn't have any jet-skis to spoil the tranquility. Those who enjoy motorised watersports can choose from wakeboarding, banana boat, and parasailing which is particularly popular due to the amazing views this bay offers.

The flat water in Loh Dalum Bay is ideal for kayaking, and there's lots to explore in the bay. Good snorkeling can also be found along the sides of the bay towards the entrance. Just around the corner is Monkey Bay, a small sandy bay with great snorkelling which is inaccessible by land.

The monkeys can be very cheeky, so don't get too close. When kayaking make sure you have plenty of suncream or even better, wear a T-shirt along with the screen, also keep an eye on the tide. If you come back at very low tide you will have to carry the kayak part of the way.

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