Top 10 Restaurants in Phi Phi Island

Best Places to Eat in Koh Phi Phi

Discover the best restaurants in Phi Phi Island (Koh Phi Phi) with our Top 10 guide below. Seafood is the star attraction on Phi Phi with many places displaying the day's catch as an effective way to attract customers. But Thai and Western options, from quick grab-and-go snacks to candlelit meals, are also easy to find and Tonsai Village is the centre of the Phi Phi dining universe.

Whether indoors, outdoors, or places that blur the line between the two, there are plenty of restaurants with sumptuous selections. A trek towards Long Beach, down the footpath that more or less follows the sea, will turn up a dozen more eating options. There is something for everyone regarding food in Phi Phi’s buzzing Tonsai Village; from long-established restaurants to new comers you will surely find a venue for your taste and budget in the list below.

1. Le Grand Bleu

Le Grand Bleu is a long-established restaurant – since 1992 – located 50m from the ferry pier on Tonsai Village’s main ‘street’. Built in a genuine yet stylish local style – bamboo and wood walls, wooden furnishing and flooring, soft lightning, tropical plants and flowers - Le Grand Bleu features three dining areas: a small front terrace (with two tables) offering a great people-watching post; a main dining room in the continuity of the terrace; and a back room set around the bar counter.

Serving a great choice of Thai and French favourites prepared with passion, the restaurant’s menu boasts daily recipes according to what’s available on the day at Phi Phi market. The quality of the food served at Le Grand Bleu is second to none, and the atmosphere of the place is unpretentious and friendly yet somehow classy. Read More...

Opening Hours: 18:30 – 23:00
Location: Tonsai Main Street towards the pier
Remarks: Reservations recommended
Tel: 081-9799739


2. Anna's Restaurant

Anna's Restaurant is a long-established family-run restaurant located right next to Moskito Diving Centre (with which it is closely associated) in a narrow street leading to Phi Phi Market off the main street. To find it, when coming from the pier, turn left just before Italiano Restaurant. Featuring a Thai contemporary style with white walls, dark wooden furnishings and beams, beige-tiled flooring, and local textiles and art pieces hanging on the walls, Anna’s is chic yet relaxed and very clean.

Regarding food, Anna’s serves international and Thai specialities with a healthy twist; from ratatouille to Swiss rösti breakfast to som tam to pad thai, everything is tasty and comes at affordable prices. Read More...

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00
Location: Next to Moskito Diving at a short distance from the pier

3. The Cliff Bar & Grill

The Cliff Bar & Grill is almost a unique place on Tonsai Bay: set right on the beach near the western end of the bay, the restaurant is a dream come true and could easily be featured on a tropical postcard. Featuring two distinctive parts: the open-sided dining room/kitchen slightly at the back, and the beachfront hut-like bar with open-air dining terrace, The Cliff has been built entirely with natural materials – wood, thatch, bamboo - but with a classy twist.

It is a great place to sample French, international and Thai fare, and the food is delicious, but the main attraction here remains the laid-back exotic atmosphere and friendliness of the management and staff. Read More...

Opening Hours: 11:30 - 23:00
Location: Western end of Tonsai Bay, at Mama Beach Residence

4. Grand PP Arcade Restaurant

Grand PP Arcade is a recently established (2013) small shopping mall hosting fashion and accessories boutiques which is mostly famous for its coffee-shop and restaurant. Located in the northeastern part of Tonsai Village, 75m from Loh Dalum, Grand PP Arcade is a genuine local family-run restaurant built in a very local style. The settings and atmosphere are rather laid-back, like a peaceful oasis in a buzzing neighbourhood.

Grand PP Arcade Restaurant serves western and Thai food of excellent quality and is particularly renowned for its breakfasts. With friendly staff, relaxed ambience, free Wi-Fi, and excellent food, this venue is indeed amongst the most popular dining in Phi Phi at the moment.

Opening Hours: 10:30 - 23:00
Location: Next to Harmony House in the northeastern side of Tonsai Village
Tel: 080-5382608

5. Pum Thai Restaurant

Pum Thai Restaurant is a small contemporary style venue located in the central area of Tonsai Village. Located near the entrance of a lane off Tonsai’s main street (starting from the pier), the box-shaped restaurant features modern lightning, ceiling-fans, buffed-concrete walls and bar counter, it is indeed colourful and trendy.

The reason why this restaurant is so popular is quite simple: khun Pum is a renowned Thai Chef who has wrote books about Thai cuisine and who runs Thai cooking schools in Patong, Chiang Mai, and in the Phi Phi branch; therefore, expect to sample genuine Thai cuisine of high quality here.

Opening Hours: the restaurant is opened daily from 11:00 – 21:00; classes from 13:00 onward
Location: Central Ton Sai – look for the orange restaurant
Tel: 081-5218904 or 075-601425

6. Papaya Restaurant

Papaya Restaurant is an unpretentious local venue located on the eastern side of Tonsai Village, not far from the famous Reggae Pub. Do not expect fancy settings or outstanding décor here, the restaurant’s main focus is on genuine Thai food, so be prepared for strong flavours as spiciness standards are Thai, not western.

From pad Thai (fried noodle), to tom yum (south Thailand most renowned soup), to green/yellow/red curry, to som tam mamuang (papaya salad), the food served at Papaya Restaurant is the real McCoy; served in large portions and at affordable prices, Papaya is the right place to experiment with Thai cuisine.

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
Location: Eastern part of Tonsai Village
Tel: 087-2801719

7. Unni's Restaurant

Unni's Restaurant is a Scandinavian-run business which opened in 2007. Set in the central area of Tonsai Village (in the main lane heading north to PP Palmtree Resort), Unni’s occupies two prefabricated shop houses (in this lane, all stores have been built the same way after the tsunami in 2004) featuring an al fresco wooden terrace (great people watching spot) and a rather large covered dining room.

Unni's Restaurant is spotless and offers a menu that contains an outstanding choice of international fare: think Thai (obviously) to Mexican to Swedish to English, there’s something for everyone here. Unni’s Restaurant is also famous for the quality of its cocktails (excellent Mojito!) and is usually pretty busy from 18:00 onwards with its happy hour and free Wi-Fi connection.

Opening Hours: 07:30 – 23:00
Location: Central Tonsai

8. Tonsai Seafood

Tonsai Seafood is one of the oldest and most renowned seafood dining establishments in Phi Phi’s Tonsai Village. Set right next to the beach, the venue features a large open-air terrace and two large open sided dining rooms; it is indeed a great place to enjoy a cocktail when things cool down a bit before dinner under the stars.

As the name suggests, Tonsai Seafood is highly specialised in delicacies from the sea which abound in the waters around Phi Phi Islands. From the fresh catch of the day, you will find lobster, crab, tiger prawn, horseshoe crab and more, grilled or steamed to your taste by an excellent and professional team. This venue has a certain touristy feel, but delivers the goods in style at reasonable price. Read More...

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
Location: Right in front of Phi Phi Banyan Villa

9. Phi Phi Bakery

Phi Phi Bakery (also spelled Pee Pee Bakery) has something of a cult status due to its longevity in Phi Phi Island: opened in 1989, this unpretentious venue belongs to the island’s History. Set in a two-storey Phi Phi-style shophouse diagonally opposite Italiano Restaurant along the main street, Phi Phi Bakery is a spotless affair dressed in white and green.

Hence its name, Phi Phi Bakery’s menu is set around bread and pastry; you can sample here a great choice of home-baked croissant, raisin bread, cakes, sandwiches, burgers and even pizzas in a relaxed atmosphere. Prices are fair and the quality of the products is indisputable.

Opening Hours: 07:00 – 17:00
Location: 100 metres from the pier on Tonsai Village’s Main Street

10. Jasmin BBQ Restaurant

Jasmin BBQ Restaurant is set right on the beach at Laem Thong Sea Gipsy Village in the northeastern area of Koh Phi Phi Don. This tranquil part of the island only hosts a few resorts – Holiday Inn Phi Phi for instance – and is the perfect place to get away from it all as apart from the beach and the sea activities (strolling, snorkelling, scuba diving, island hopping to nearby Koh Young and Koh Phai).

Jasmin BBQ Restaurant is a simple place that seems to be built with any old thing yet it is the favourite restaurant at Laem Thong. Serving Thai dishes (including vegetarian dishes) and catch of the day, it is a very laid-back venue at which to lunch or dine at very reasonable rates. The small size of the restaurant makes reservation mandatory for dinner.

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 23:00
Location: Between Holiday Inn and Sawasdee Restaurant on Laem Thong Beach
Tel: 086-2770959

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