10 Best Snorkelling Spots in Phi Phi

Skin Diving Spots around Phi Phi

Discover the 10 best snorkelling spots in Phi Phi. To the uninitiated, Phi Phi's snorkelling is like being on a fantasy planet. Even the experienced agree - it's good. Really good. With one of the world's most abundant coral reef systems, the locations and sights are both plentiful and astounding.

When the tide is right, places like Monkey Bay are just about as accessible as physics allows. The coral is just below the surface and brightly coloured fish dart here and there, inches from your mask. Hin Klang is in the middle of the sea, though it isn't nearly as deep as expected; you don't have to impersonate an island native on the hunt to enjoy the views - floating on the surface is fine. Phi Phi Leh has a few more snorkelling locations, as does Phi Phi Don, Bamboo Island, the list goes on.

Tour operators will supply equipment - i.e., fins and a mask - if you book a package trip, or you can rent them from dive operators if you choose to strike out on your own via foot or longtail boat. The serious may want to bring their own gear, or inspect before booking, as quality and available sizes will vary between shops.

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Hin Klang

Hin Klang

Hin Klang is an underwater reef, or coral mountain (as some call it) that doesn't break the surface. Located 2km offshore right in front of Laem Tong Beach in the north of Phi Phi, it's 90m long and 60m wide. As you approach you don't know that it's coming but wow, it's there all right. Crystal-clear water, lots of fish and colourful coral, this is one of the best places to snorkel in Southern Thailand and probably the best place in Phi Phi.

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Maya Bay

Maya Bay has exceptionally clear water, although you can only enter by boat from November to April. I've only been there once and saw an octopus after just 10 minutes, a first for me! Stunning coral and fish are seen by thousands who arrive on various daytrips, so yes it's busy. The side closest to the entrance is best as there are many boats close to the beach. Maya Bay is best visited on an organised tour, and preferably early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Read More...

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Loh Sama

Loh Sama (Sama Bay in Thai) is one of the most famous sites of Koh Phi Phi Leh which, we have to admit, hosts a fair deal of outstanding attractions. Located on the eastern side of the southern tip of the island, it features a small islet in the centre of the bay and a tiny beach at the backside of a small canyon on its northern part. Loh Sama is reputed for its snorkelling and diving opportunities. Read More...

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Bamboo Island

Stunning Bamboo Island is 5km from the northern tip of Phi Phi Don. The small island is only 500m across and has beautiful beaches virtually all the way around that give way to coral underwater. Many daytrips go to Bamboo each day but it's not too crowded. Dive boats also go there too. The reefs are extensive and fairly shallow, but the beach is always there for a rest. Another excellent place to snorkel. Read More...

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Pi Leh Bay

Pi Leh is situated on the opposite side of Phi Phi Leh to Maya Bay. It's a long thin bay with 100m high cliffs on all sides, at the entrance there's a shelf, the top of which is too shallow for anthing other than speedboat or longtail, this stops it from getting too busy.

Flat calm water awaits inside with some excellent snorkeling, bright parrot fish and sergeant majors rush the boats coming in hoping for some bread, pinapple or banana even. High tide is the best time to visit Pi Leh Bay. Alternatively, at the entrance to the bay there's also some great snorkeling to be found, morning is the best time as the area is in the shade in the afternoons.  Read More...

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Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is located on the southwestern side of Tonsai Bay, about 700m from the jetty. It is a simply stunning 150m-long strip of white powdery sand fringed by emerald water. Monkey Beach is not only famous for its furry inhabitants. Its other point of interest is that it is a top-notch snorkelling spot. The shallow waters next to it host colourful and vivid underwater habitats, which really gives you the feeling of swimming in an aquarium. Read More...

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Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island (Koh Yung in Thai) is the northeasternmost island in the Phi Phi group. The immediate surroundings of Mosquito Island are famous among the underwater sports community. The waters near the southeastern tip of the island host splendid soft coral reefs as well as an impressive abundance of marine life, making it a stunning snorkelling spot. Read More...

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The snorkeling from Long Beach is possibly best direct from the beach in Phi Phi. You don't have to go very far to see the colourful fish and underwater habitat. Additionally around 200m from the beach there's a rock that just breaks the surface called Shark Point. No prizes for guessing why, although these are little fellas. Here you'll find black-tip reef sharks from 40cm to 1.2m swimming around the reef.

During the day when there's lots of boats around they're hard to find but before 09:00 and after 17:00 they're easily spotted. The swells from May to October can make Shark Point dangerous so you should only go there on very calm days during that time. All year round you should be vigilant as currents can be strong, especially at mid tide. Novice snorkelers would be better to go with an organised tour. Read More...

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Moo Dee Bay

Moo Dee Bay (Loh Moo Dee in Thai) hosts a 500m-long white sand beach bordered by emerald waters. Situated on the east coast of Koh Phi Phi Don, it is the perfect escape from the crowd. The beach offers its visitors pleasant snorkelling opportunities, mostly at both ends of the bay. Read More...

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Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay (known as Ao Ling in Thai) is a popular spot on Phi Phi Don Island. Situated near the entrance of Dalum Bay (Loh Dalum) it is a small cove, very similar to Monkey Beach apart from the sand, which is thicker and yellow here. A superb coral reef lies some 50m from the beach, offering memorable snorkelling opportunities. Read More...

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