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Not unlike a school refectory, Breakers features five rows of heavy wooden tables and bench seating. This bar/pub/restaurant has non-stop entertainment value in that it’s located right downtown and there is a constant stream of casually dressed humanity surging past most hours of the day. Over the bar optics, large-screen TVs show sports and news at a discreet volume and while Breakers is not outright unfriendly, it does have a slightly indifferent feel to it. Apparently it was opened because Phi Phi didn’t have a real pub, but diagonally opposite is an Irish pub with a much more authentic feel to it.

We sit at a table by the foot of the stairs and soon find out that this is not the most peaceful place to settle down as it is directly en route to the toilets. A loquacious chef is cleaning off the restaurant grill on the street side, his banter amusing and witty. Again, posters on the wall raise a laugh: “24 hours in a day: 24 beers in a case: Coincidence? I don’t think so.” “Do not drop cigarette ends on the floor, as they burn the hands and knees of customers as they leave."

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Food & Drinks

Breakers serves all-day breakfast and this is undoubtedly a blessing for the many partygoers on Phi Phi whose only glimpse of daylight is when they head back to their guesthouse after a night on the beach. We order a cheeseburger and shepherd’s pie along with beer and tea. In spite of the almost tangible chain-restaurant atmosphere, both dishes are surprisingly good, with Swiss cheese instead of the dreaded ersatz stuff used in lower-end ‘international’ Thai restaurants. The cottage pie has an almost perfect crust with a good filling and, judging by the speed at which it appears, it is pre-prepared. The cheeseburger is also good quality although both dishes are definitely not in the ‘cheap-and-cheerful’ category.

On the drinks’ side, Breakers enjoys a raft of draft beers, including Heineken, Asahi, Guinness, Leo and Chang, along with Magners Irish Cider with house wine going at the usual rates. On some nights girls pay half price and there are drinks promotions so keep an eye out for that when you’re in the village.


Breakers is attractive enough, with a good range of drinks and quality food but it’s nowhere near as welcoming and comfortable as the image it tries to project.

Breakers Bar & Grill

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00
  • Location: Central Tonsai
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