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Where and What to Eat in Tonsai Village

Tonsai Village is the beating heart of Phi Phi Island. In its alleys and streets you will find an interesting and alluring mix of traditional Thailand and an out-and-out tourist orientated destination.

It certainly is party central – the proceeds kick off as early as 17:30 and sometimes go on for 12 hours. There’s a bar or restaurant for all tastes and leanings here, the art is in finding the one for you. 

Tonsai Village near the Sea

Beach Bar (The Pier)

The very first bar you hit when getting off the ferry and the very last when you leave, this is predictably a scintillating people-watching spot from the moment to first ferry comes in until the last at 17:00. Snacks, burgers, beers, cocktails, babies, stray cats and quite possibly the worst music on the island all add up to make an interesting place. If only they could do something about that music, though.

Opening Hours: 09:00 – late
Location: The pier
Cuisine: Beach vibe café/bar


Issan at Pier

Right at the busiest intersection in town you can score genuine Issan food as well as Thai standard dishes such as chicken fried rice, phad thai, and noodles as well as freshly caught fish. It may not be the most peaceful spot in town to eat but it sure is interesting to watch the comings and goings.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – late
Location: Opposite Beach Bar (The Pier)
Cuisine: Northeastern Thai


Once the famous Mama’s restaurant, Italiano has been fitted out to look more like a ‘normal’ restaurant than its predecessor. With the usual raft of pizzas, pastas, spaghetti and ice cream, this is little Italy by the sea.

Opening Hours: 17:30- 23:00
Location: Towards the pier on Tonsai’s Main Street
Cuisine: Italian trattoria

Le Grand Bleu

It’s always nice to let your hair down and really party and Phi Phi’s the quintessential destination in which to do just that. Still, it’s sometimes equally beneficial to aim a little higher and celebrate life in a classier way. Enter stage left Le Grand Bleu, probably Phi Phi’s best stand-alone restaurant and, opened in 1992, almost an institution – an absolute must-do for visitors staying several nights on the island. Read More...

Opening Hours: 18:30 – 23:00
Location: Tonsai Main Street towards the pier
Remarks: Reservations recommended
Tel: 081 979 9739
Cuisine: French and Thai

Phi Phi Bakery

This cult-status Phi Phi old-timer has a quaintly rickety touch to it. With an upstairs and a downstairs fan-cooled part, here’s where you can score homemade buns, croissants, pizzas, muffins, and even steaks and salads. Popular with the diving set, Phi Phi Bakery’s windows are lined with delicious goodies.

Opening Hours: 07:30 – 21:00
Location: 100 metres from the pier on Tonsai Village’s Main Street
Cuisine: Bakery/restaurant

Tonsai Seafood

Tonsai Bay is a bustling and colourful place at most times of day. But when the sun sinks into the Andaman Sea and the lights go up along the coastline there is a tangible sense of magic in the air.

Tonsai Seafood is right in the heart of all this fairylike seaside sorcery and, like a fairy’s magic wand, the restaurant glistens and glitters with bright lights. Read More...

Location: Right in front of Phi Phi Banyan Villa
Cuisine: Thai/Seafood

Tonsai Central Part

The several sois, or alleys, joining Loh Dalum with Tonsai in the centre of the island are full of interesting bars and restaurants. Here’s a selection of them.


Right next to Moskito Diving stands Anna’s. New, and with a pleasantly personal feel, Anna’s could be described as a family-run restaurant. Featuring English breakfasts but also doing a line in German and Italian dishes along with Thai, Anna’s is nothing if not versatile. Cooled by ceiling fans and with friendly English-speaking staff, it’s one of the better places to eat on Phi Phi. Try the ratatouille. Read More...

Opening Hours: 07:30 – Late
Location: Next to Moskito Diving, Central Tonsai
Cuisine: International

Bakery Hut by Pajay

Just round the corner to the island’s food market, Pajay Bakery is a happening spot. Selling fresh coffee, tea, breakfast, pastries, bread and juices, Pajay is L-shaped with a central bar and is open on both sides. It’s not a large place and fills up quickly, lending it a rather busy atmosphere.

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 21:0009:00 – 21:00
Location: Between the market and Moskito Diving
Cuisine: Patisserie

Breakers Bar & Grill

Not unlike a school refectory, Breakers features five rows of heavy wooden tables and bench seating. This bar/pub/restaurant has non-stop entertainment value in that it’s located right downtown and there is a constant stream of casually dressed humanity surging past most hours of the day. Over the bar optics, large-screen TVs show sports and news at a discreet volume and while Breakers is not outright unfriendly, it does have a slightly indifferent feel to it. Read More...

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00
Location: Central Tonsai


Regular visitors to Phi Phi may be surprised to learn that D’s Books has been replaced by Capu Latte, a smoothie/coffee/tea/juice outlet. Capu Latte also sells breakfasts, salads, wraps, pasta and cocktails. It’s still a good-looking, well-situated place and probably the best people-watching spot on the island. The only difference is that you won’t be able to score a newspaper/novel to read over your juice. Best take along your own, then.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00
Location: Central Tonsai
Cuisine: Light food


In a relatively new location, Cosmic is one of the island’s old timers and has the usual suspects on its menu from late breakfast to night dining although pizza seems to be its speciality. There’s quite a bit of wooden furniture and accessories here, giving the place an extra personality boost.

Location: Central Tonsai
Cuisine: International


Very popular and situated right next door to Le Trocadero, Esanthemroy specialises in grilled fish and chicken, sticky rice and all things Northeastern Thai. Not only that, but you get a wholehearted dose of Issan hospitality in the form of friendly and fun wait staff members. No wonder it’s a busy place.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Location: On the same street as Moskito Diving, Central Tonsai
Cuisine: Northeastern Thai

Khun Va Thai Cuisine

Formerly the well-know pickup joint Apache, Khun Va is nowadays a bar and restaurant serving pizza, spaghetti, fast food and more with views out over Tonsai Bay, Phi Phi Leh and further.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – late
Location: Near Carlito’s
Cuisine: Eclectic

Le Trocadero

Burgers, French fries and fast food are to be had in this friendly and popular eatery. Prices are reasonable and the place is kept cool by wall fans. Sit near the entrance if you want to watch the world pass by or you can catch some sports on the TV above the bar. Free Wi-Fi.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Location: On the same street as Moskito Diving, Central Tonsai
Cuisine: Eclectic

Matt’s Joint

Matt’s is busy because of the popularity of its grilled food. Steaks and Australian burgers are the big draws here but you can also score fresh fish. There’s a modest but good quality selection of Aussie wines. Open sided and at a crossroads (traffic-free, naturally) Matt’s is a good place to take in all the street goings on.

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 23:00
Location: Central Tonsai
Cuisine: Grill

Pirate’s House

Despite the somewhat juvenile moniker, Pirate’s House delivers Indian, Continental and Thai food in a certain style. Here’s the place to grab a juicy steak or good chicken fried rice. With chunky wooden tables and chairs, Pirate’s House is also pretty atmospheric.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Location: Central Tonsai
Cuisine: Eclectic

Pizza Take Away

Tonsai Village now has several Pizza Take Away stands. Located at the pier and in the village itself, these tempting outlets are the ideal mishmash of East meets West in that they utilize the Asian concept of a street stand, albeit one that sells already prepared fast food. Neat, huh?


If you’re looking for a professionally cooked Thai meal in charming surroundings you have to try Pum. Easy to find because of its orange colour theme, Pum is part of a three-branch cooking school business (the other branches are in Ao Nang and Patong) that makes cooking fun, it’s logical that their Thai food is top range. Phone ahead to book classes.

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 - Cooking classes at 11:00 and 14:00
Location: Central Tonsai
Tel: +66 (0) 81 521 8904
Cuisine: Thai
Tour Available: Pum's Thai Cooking Classes

Sports Bar

Another one of the original bars on Phi Phi, the Sports Bar has been rebuilt and refitted. The Sports Bar lives up to its name in that it has an actual bar to sit at (a relative rarity) and shows you-know-what on several screens. Specialising in English-style meat pies, sandwiches, jacket potatoes and breakfasts, it also boasts Singha Beer on tap – a lot more delicious than the bottled version.

Opening Hours: 08:00 – late
Location: Central Tonsai
Cuisine: Café/bar

The Rock

A Phi Phi institution, The Rock is a breezy upstairs restaurant with views out over Loh Dalum and further. It’s a chilled-out place with equally chilled music where no one has so much as even heard of the word ‘urgency’ so expect a calm atmosphere in which to enjoy your rice and chicken.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – late
Location: Near PP Casita
Cuisine: Thai, European

Unni’s Restaurant

A Scandinavian restaurant, Unni’s can get pretty busy in the evening and for a good reason: it’s professional, well set up and not expensive. Serving Mexican food, good salads, both western and Thai food along with breakfast until 14:00, this is a cool place.

Opening Hours: 07:30 – 23:00
Location: Central Tonsai
Cuisine: Mexican/Thai/western

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