10 Best Bars in Phi Phi Island

Best Places to Go at Night in Koh Phi Phi

The best bars in Koh Phi Phi Don are spread equally over the island’s three main areas: Tonsai Village (the main urban centre), Tonsai East, and Loh Dalum Bay. Most of the bar options in Phi Phi go for two contrasting approaches: either the laid-back vibe or a pumping party atmosphere. However, some bars, as you shall see, succeed in wrapping both ambiences up in one venue.

A laid-back night out in Phi Phi is usually spent on the cushions of a bamboo and thatch bar set right on the beach with unobtrusive music and a few beers, while the more frantic nights out involve loud music, dance floors on the sand and a plentiful supply of bucket cocktails (potent spirits with coke/energy drinks). There really is an option for everyone in our top 10 bars on Phi Phi Don Island!

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Phi Phi Reggar Bar

Phi Phi Reggae Bar is one of the longest-established night spots in Tonsai Village. Located in the eastern part of the village, right between Tonsai and Loh Dalum bays in proximity with Jordan’s Irish Pub, Phi Phi Reggae Bar is a large venue featuring loud music, sport events broadcasted on a sizeable screen, five bars with talented and friendly bartenders, pool tables, and in the centre of everybody’s attention: a Thai boxing ring.

Muay Thai (Thai boxing) is the main attraction at Phi Phi Reggae Bar: every night professional demonstrations are held, but the climax is reached when often inebriated spectators are invited to fight in the ring (in exchange for a few more drinks); the association of alcohol and friendly fighting (at least at the beginning) has no limit in matter of fun – viewed from the audience. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 17:00 – 02:00
  • Location: Central Tonsai by Jordan’s Irish Pub
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Sun Flower Beach Bar & Restaurant

Sun Flower Beach Bar & Restaurant

Sun Flower Beach Bar & Restaurant is a very relaxed venue to spend the evening. Located at the northern end of Loh Dalum bay, right on the beach, it features salas, hammocks, and mats set around a bamboo and thatch building in a pure hippie-era spirit. The view to the bay is splendid – great sundowner spot – and the ambience could not be more laid-back.

Serving excellent curries, Thai and western dishes, Sun Flower is renowned amongst the expat community on the island for the quality of its food. In the evening, fire shows and acoustic live music are performed. Prices are affordable, and Sun Flower is the perfect place to escape from its noisy southern neighbours (Slinky and other Apache beach bars).

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 02:00
  • Location: Viewpoint end of Loh Dalum Beach (northern side)
  • Tel: 080-0383374
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Carlito's Beach Bar & Nightclub

Carlito's Beach Bar & Nightclub

Carlito's Beach Bar and Nightclub is a long-lasting, buzzing night spot enjoying a great location along the path leading to the eastern end of Tonsai Bay. Set in two buildings (one on each side of the path) it is just the right place to party like in an open-air disco to the beat (reggae, house, oldies) of Thai and international DJs.

In the afternoon, the place is more relaxed and you can practice ‘poi’ (unlit-fire chain handling), yoga lessons, checking your mails (free Wi-Fi) or play a game of backgammon; at night the beat changes drastically with loud music and fire shows (at 22:00) on the beach. Expertly mixed cocktails and ‘buckets’ heat up the atmosphere until late.

  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 02:00
  • Location: On the way out of Tonsai Village towards Tonsai East and Long Beach
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Slinky Bar

Slinky Bar

Slinky Bar is a large open-air disco set right on the beach offering punters a cool choice of entertainment opportunities, including dancing, a mechanical bull ride, face and body painting, fire shows, fire skipping and fire-limbo - just don't get too drunk and overestimate your flexibility when participating in this one!

Cocktail buckets and other drinks are affordable, and the ambience is quite mad - yet friendly. Slinky Bar’s sound system is huge and the music played here is in phase with the trendiest European clubs. The bar and other buildings are made of the usual wood, bamboo and thatch materials, and regarding décor, some gigantic phalluses are erected from the sand. Full, half and black moon parties are celebrated in style at Slinky Bar. Toilets can be used for a small fee.

  • Opening Hours: 16:00 – Late
  • Location: Central Loh Dalum Beach
  • Tel: 086-0677339
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Ibiza Beach Club

Ibiza Beach Club

Part of a guesthouse that, obviously, can only accommodate night owls, Ibiza Beach Club is like a discotheque with a dancefloor made of sand. This bar is pretty cool for a sundowner, and can take you until the end of the night. Reputed for the stunning fire shows performed on a stage in front of the bar, you can dance the night away at Ibiza Beach Club to the modern and trendy tunes played by the house DJs. Pool parties are also at hand in this lively night spot. Drink prices are reasonable.

  • Location: On the beach of Loh Dalum, between Ciao Bella and Beach Bar
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Banana Rooftop Bar

Banana Rooftop Bar

Opened since 2008, Banana Rooftop Bar is a unique venue in Tonsai Village; set on the roof of the Sombrero Mexican Restaurant located in a small lane on the right just after Capulatte coffee-shop on the path to Loh Dalum, Banana is accessible via a wonky spiral staircase (good luck to inebriated people to take the way down). The terrace of the building has great views over Loh Dalum – including stunning sunsets - and houses half a dozen of bamboo salas provided with cushions and mats.

Two bars – also made of bamboo and thatch – are in charge of mixing cocktails (all cocktails are 120 baht) and serving beers and spirits. Music, fire shows and even hula hoop contests are performed in the evening, making the venue a great place to party.

  • Opening Hours: 16:00 – Late
  • Location: Central Tonsai
  • Tel: 087-3306540
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Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome

Established in the night spots’ corner of Tonsai Village, near Reggae, Dojo, Dubliner and other lively water holes, Stockholm Syndrome is a great venue to have fun at night in Phi Phi. Featuring two storeys, most of the action happens on ground level – beer pong tables, pool tables, small dance floor, while the second floor is a quiet and comfortable lounge. The atmosphere at Stockholm Syndrome is really festive, and the staff and management are very friendly. Drink prices are on par with usual rates on Phi Phi.

  • Opening Hours: 14:00 – late
  • Location: In the same area as Reggae Bar
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Apache Beach Bar

Apache Beach Bar

Apache Beach Bar is the second largest open-air disco-like venue on Loh Dalum beach. Pretty quiet at the end of afternoon it starts to get frantic and crowded after 21:00 with young folks looking for party until late. A wooden stage surrounded by plastic chairs is set on the beach offering fire dancers to perform their show for the audience.

Buckets filled in with spirit plus coke plus energizing drinks (Red Bull, M-150 and the likes) heat up the ambience to the loud and heavy beats of techno and house music. Paradoxically, Apache Beach Bar also hosts rooms in its Apache Beach House, right next to the dance-floor (the beach), so the place is indeed dedicated to party-animals who crash in bed only when the music stops…

  • Opening Hours: 17:00 – Late
  • Location: Central Loh Dalum Beach
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Hippies Bar

Hippies Bar

Hippies Bar is some kind of an institution in Tonsai East: originally opened at the end of the nineties, entirely destroyed by the tsunami in 2004, it reopened at its original location in 2011. Set right above the beach on a terrace filled in with low tables, mats and cushions, and surrounded by building made of drift-wood and other recycled materials housing the bar, televisions broadcasting live sport events, and a pool tables room, Hippies Bar is the perfect place to hang on and chill-out after a busy day snorkelling or sea kayaking.

Serving Thai and international favourites at affordable prices, as well as a long-list of cocktails, Hippies Bar becomes very lively after 20:00 with live music performances, fire shows, DJs, and more. The venue is a good and slightly more laid-back alternative to the madness in action at Slinky and Apache Beach Bar on Loh Dalum.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – late
  • Location: On the beach by Phi Phi Villa Resort
  • Tel: 085-4761761
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Dubliner Irish Pub

Dubliner Irish Pub

Right in the centre of things, Dubliner Irish Pub is frenetic some nights, merely mad busy on others. With an in-house DJ and occasional live Irish music plus a bar at which everyone faces each other, socialising has never been so easy. An extremely popular pub, you can choose to dance, hang out at the bar, play pool, go upstairs to literally chill out or people watch outside.

Dubliner doesn’t miss much as it celebrates Full Moon parties plus major sports events are televised, there’s a ‘football’ table and it’s about the only air-conditioned place around. Be careful though; if you’re traveling on a budget don’t order a pint of Guinness without checking out the price first.

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – Late
  • Location: Central Tonsai by Reggae Bar
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