Phi Phi Nightlife

Where to Go & What to Do at Night in Phi Phi Islands

Bars in Phi Phi - Tonsai and Loh Dalum

Phi Phi's nightlife has several very positive things going for it. It's compact, entertaining, young and vibrant and - unlike many other tourist destinations in this part of the world - it's not sleazy.

The island's many pubs and bars are centrally located and easy to find. At 2am the music stops but bars generally stay open for as long as they have customers.

One distinctive feature of Phi Phi's nightlife is the many displays of 'buckets' lined up for sale. The ingredients of this one-way ticket to oblivion are: Ice, Red Bull (energy drink), mixer, straws and a half-bottle of spirits. Revelers simply add the Red Bull, mixer and spirits, dig in with their straws and the rest is a rather hazy experience. Prices range from 200 baht for Sang Som (local sugar cane rum) to 500 baht for Jack Daniel's.

Tonsai Village Nightlife

Phi Phi's nightlife is laid back but also lively at the same time, it's one of the few places in Thailand that is deviod of girly bars which is nice. Nightlife is centred in two main locations and includes muay Thai (Thai boxing) and fire dancing along with bars and pubs. (Read more...)

Tonsai East Nightlife

This is a two-headed monster. Restaurants that are calm by day erupt at night into noisy fire-dancing, beer-and-bucket swilling arenas where people get down and boogie on the sand.
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Loh Dalum Nightlife

When in Rome, do as the Romans and when in Loh Dalum chill, chill, chill. Fire dancing brings people out to Loh Dalum’s bars like moths to a flame and you’d be forgiven to think that some people had forgotten to go back to their bungalow to shower as most visitors, having spent the day horizontal under the sun, do exactly the same under the stars. (Read more...)